the anticipation is always my favorite part. at weddings, it’s the the part where the doors fling wide, the bride walks in and everyone holds their breath, watching the groom wait anxiously for the one he loves to meet him at the end of the aisle. at christmas time, it’s advent. it’s the tree-trimming and stocking-hanging, watching twinkling lights go up house by house, marveling at how the days leading up to our savior’s birth must have looked for his young, faithful parents so long ago. i know with all my heart that it’s the waiting, the “leading up to,” that makes the arrival so sweet. it’s the moment where things hoped for meet up with their fulfillment. where we see that our waiting and praying and breath-holding haven’t been in vain.

it’s in these moments i remember that this anticipation-tension is where we’ll live most of our days on earth. that we’re called to live a life of waiting, not twiddling our thumbs, but anxiously anticipating jesus’ sweet return for his own. i want to stand at wedding ceremonies and under twinkling christmas lights on cold december days and always remember our soon-coming king, our god so relentlessly pursuing his own, making a way, preparing a place for us. i want to stand in awe, knowing that he delights in us, his bride, his beloved and that he doesn’t give his heart in pieces. that we are wholly and completely his, now and always. that the lights that line the city this time of year have nothing on the light that is our jesus. can it be that these earthly joys are just the smallest glimpse of what’s to come, of anticipation truly fulfilled? could it be that he’s waiting just as eagerly to usher us in as we’re waiting for him to come and make all things new? oh how we’re waiting on you, jesus.

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