The name comes from Isaiah 55 —a beautiful chapter that speaks to God’s ability to satisfy that which our empty pursuits were never meant to, the sufficiently and power of His word to accomplish His purposes, and the promise of lasting restoration to His glory.

The memorial to our God that will always last will be the redemption and restoration of His world and His people, “that the name of God may be more illustrious among men, and that the remembrance of Him may flourish and be maintained.” While we hope in the restoration of all things when Jesus returns, we get to participate with the Spirit in restoration work here and now, making much of the name of He who redeems –trusting that His word will not return void, that He will accomplish what He purposes, that He brings flourishing from thistles.

It’s my hope that Cypress + Thistle will be a monument to restoration, a space for flourishing, a practice in tracing the glorious implications of the Gospel through thorns, thistles, and ordinary days.